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Market Analysis

Safe Haven Currencies 2019

March 14, 2019
BY Emma Richards

More and more traders are searching for safe haven currencies that can withstand the push and pull of current political winds. USD is perhaps the most popular trading currency in the world, but not many traders would be willing to say that it’s one of the safest. So which then? Read on to see which trading currencies are offering a safer start in 2019, and find out the negatives of playing it safe.

What’s changed recently?

In the last half year, the so-called safe haven currencies have been behaving weirdly, and the markets have seen a lot of media hype on the majors.

  • USD is still suffering from trade wars sentiment and Trump’s shenanigans
  • GBP is on the edge of an abyss with only a distant hope of last-minute rescue
  • EUR continues to struggle as EU solidarity crumbles and debts continue to grow
  • CHF gained 2% on the euro last year then mysteriously and unexpectedly fell

The safe haven currencies of 2019

Are last year’s safe haven currencies still the best choice?

The one thing you can be sure of is that the markets are always changing. At the time of writing, the following three currencies were looking prime to be secondary or even primary trading instruments for 2019, for those traders wanting to avoid all the drama.

1. Indian rupee

India is due for election in April and May, which will create volatility for a short period. Nevertheless, analysts are optimistic about the coming political change. The new government of India will most probably follow its tried and tested trick and spend on the economy in the first year in an attempt to artificially boost growth and market price. This is a temporary action that will not have a lasting effect. It could charge up the Rupee for Q2 and even Q3, which makes INR a safe haven currency candidate.

2. Canadian dollar

CAD may well turn out to be the top performing currency of 2019, and a strong candidate for safe haven currency status. The jobless rate is now at a 40-year low and new business & investment is expected in the coming months. Moreover, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau intends to massively cut taxes in 2019. Such cuts should further boost an economy that has been consistently stable and currently enjoys favorable oil influences.

3. Japanese yen

The Japanese yen has been on the rise for three years and all indications are that 2019 will be a good one too. The yen started this year as a leading contender for ‘top performer’. Without any major political, industrial, or military drama on the cards, the extremely loyal investors that Japan attracts continue to hold steady. All while investors in other nations flip from currency to currency. Japan’s investors will likely not abandon yen without good reason, and there’s nothing on the 2019 horizon that comes close to being a good reason, making JPY a strong contender for top safe haven currency of the year.

Trading goals for 2019

Be ready for the global events of 2019 that will make traders sit back and enjoy the moment.

Trading goals depend greatly on experience, timing, and available funds. Obviously, the first goal is to not lose money during the coming volatility. Remember, your trading account—and day-to-day life—is specific to one main currency. Sitting back and watching the coming currency carnage is not the best way to survive. Playing it safe is not the answer.

If you like the idea of offsetting the weakening of your personal savings during the coming volatility, consider opening an account with Exness. Keep an eye on the safe haven currencies of 2019. Try targeting profits that come from another currency’s falls.


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