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New trading tools to give you an edge

September 09, 2021
BY Emma Richards

They say a builder is only as good as his tools, and the same can be said for a trader. Having a comprehensive arsenal of technical and fundamental analysis tools can make or break a trader’s strategy. 

That’s why we continue to add to our available tools and provide Exness clients with the advanced and powerful tools they need to succeed. 

This month has been a good one for new tools, with significant updates to the interface of our flagship Exness trading terminal. Here are a couple of new tools to add to your analysis:

Trading sentiment

You can now determine the collective attitude of other Exness traders before you open an order thanks to the new trading sentiment tool.

You can find the new panel in the Exness Terminal where it shows you the percentage of traders buying or selling a certain asset. Think of it as a microcosm of overall market sentiment, one of the most useful tools available to investors looking to determine how the market feels and where it is headed. 

Instrument watchlist

You can now develop your own custom instrument watchlist directly in the Exness Terminal. The new feature shows current prices and includes a graph showing price change. You can also save instruments to your favorite list so you never miss an opportunity.

Keep an eye on the stocks making headlines or see how Bitcoin’s price fluctuations are tracking. 

While these can be a valuable way to find untapped opportunities, these tools should still be used in conjunction with other technical and fundamental analyses.

Remember, we also have a whole raft of other tools and indicators, including an economic calendar, Trading Central Web TV, TC.Technical Analysis Indicator, market news, and trading signals by Trading Central. 

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