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How to Pick the Perfect Forex Account for You [Product Guide]

June 01, 2018
BY Emma Richards

Don’t know which of our forex accounts is the best one for you? Try our guide.

Be it long-time traders or beginners to the forex market, the question of what account to choose is one we get a lot here at Exness. The truth is, different traders have different needs. With that in mind, we’ve created a series of posts to help you pick the perfect match. In this post, we provide a handy guide that allows you to compare and contrast our account types to pick out the best fit for you.

Exness offers four main account types:

  • Cent account
  • Mini account
  • Classic account
  • ECN account

Exness Accounts: An Overview

The Exness Cent Account: Who Is It For? 

The Exness Cent account lets its owner trade currency lots denominated in cents rather than dollars. This means that even those with very small ammounts of money to invest can use them. At Exness, it’s possible to open an account and trade for as little as USD 1. Cent accounts are also a great option for those who want to test strategies, EAs, or ideas under real market conditions before risking large amounts of money.

The Exness Mini Account: Who Is It For?

The Exness Mini account is a true powerhouse. While its super competitive features and trading conditions make it an excellent fit for established traders, its low requirements to open an account and trade makes it a great fit for new traders.

The Exness Classic Account: Who Is It For?

With features like the lowest relative cost per trade of any Exness account, the Exness Classic account has a lot to offer experienced traders. Built for operating with higher budgets, the Classic features up to 1:UNLIMITED leverage and no limitations to the number of pending or market orders you can place.

The Exness ECN Account: Who Is It For?

Our ECN account is aimed specifically for those that want the freedom to trade directly with the interbank.

About Exness

The Exness Group is an international award-winning retail forex broker. Our purpose is to provide clients with accessible, transparent, reliable, and high-quality brokerage services using the latest technologies.

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