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Market Analysis

Currency Pairs to Watch in Q2

April 04, 2019
BY Emma Richards

Traders are seeing some great reasons to trade as Q2 gets underway, and there are three currency pairs that stand out. Both the US and China saw economic leaps in March with six-month highs in stocks and trade. Many currencies did not fare so well. As a result, governments around the world continue to rally and implement damage control strategies to combat recession fears, and it seems it might be working. Global optimism is already on the rise.

Can we really dodge the future recession that fearmongers are throwing around? If you’re looking for economies and currency pairs that are showing positive sentiment in the forex market as well as popular news media, here’s three to consider first.

The US

The American manufacturing industry showed remarkable highs recently, and with orders and job opportunities on the rise, Q2 seems to be on a good track. However, it’s still too soon to conclude that the US economy is safe and sound. A recent retail sales reports showed a drop of 0.2% in American spending, which might not sound like a lot, but consumer spending accounts for over 60% of the US economy. Don’t expect major movements from this currency until the conflicting good/bad messages have been resolved. Check out these popular USD pairs on your trading platform.

  • USDCAD (US dollar vs Canadian dollar)
  • USDCHF (US dollar vs Swiss franc)
  • USDDKK (US dollar vs Danish krona)
  • USDHKD (US dollar vs Hong Kong dollar)
  • USDILS (US dollar vs New Israeli shekel)

The UK

Sterling has begun a bullish reversal against multiple currency pairs as the Brexit delay stirs hope. The B

ritish Parliament rejected Theresa May’s third attempt to pass her deal. As a result, GBP gained ground, passing 1.3100 to the US dollar. Some experts forecast a massive price correction if the UK announces a longer delay or a second referendum. Wait for the game-changing news releases before you hit the ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ button. Have a look at these powerhouse currency pairs.

  • GBPAUD (Great Britain pound vs Australian dollar)
  • GBPCAD (Great Britain pound vs Canadian dollar)
  • GBPCHF (Great Britain Pound vs Swiss franc)
  • GBPDKK (Great Britain pound vs Danish krona)
  • GBPILS (Great Britain pound vs New Israeli shekel)


Some experts have billed 2019 as the year of CAD. The continuing strength of Canadian oil and a healthy Blow Off Value (BOV) supports the forecast of a strong Canadian dollar for the coming months. Elections and immigration reforms are on the horizon along with an (as yet) unratified but promising economic trade agreement. The CAD instruments may well become some of the most popular currency pairs of 2019 if forecasts prove accurate. Here’s a short-list of Canadian pairs to keep an eye on in Q2.

  • CADCHF (Canadian dollar vs Swiss franc)
  • CADJPY (Canadian dollar vs Japanese yen)
  • CADMXN (Canadian dollar vs Mexican peso)
  • CADNOK (Canadian dollar vs Norwegian krona)
  • CADPLN (Canadian dollar vs zloty)

120+ currency pairs

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