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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using A VPS Right Now

August 23, 2018
BY Emma Richards

From trailing stop losses to automated EAs, there are several key forex trading tools which require your terminal to be open and running for them to work. Are you tired of being tied to your terminal? If so, you need to start using a VPS. Offered free by Exness, a VPS can allow you to keep your terminal running, even when your computer or device is shut down. But what exactly is a VPS, and how can you get it set up with Exness?

What is a VPS?

An abbreviation of Virtual Private Server, a VPS enables traders to connect with a server in a remote location. In the case of forex trading, this means a server located in the same data center as their broker’s main trading servers. Once set up, a trader’s trading terminal will run on the server 24/7, regardless of whether the trader’s personal devices are connected to it or not.

Benefits of using a VPS

      1. Speed
Because the VPS is located within the same data center as the trading servers, execution speed is lightning fast (typically 0.4 – 1.25 milliseconds). This means that quotes arrive near instantly, and orders can be placed with far less delay.

  1. Stability

There’s nothing more frustrating than trading being interrupted because of a bad internet connection. With a VPS, you get guaranteed uptime, meaning that nothing can get in the way of your order going through.

  1. 24/7

As previously mentioned, many traders make use of a VPS in order to make sure key trading tools work 24/7, rather than just when they’re logged into their terminal. This includes EAs and trailing stop losses, which both require continuous connection in order to work.

  1. Portability

VPS allows you to trade from any operating system you want without the need to download a terminal onto your own desktop.

  1. Mobility

Using a VPS, traders can connect and trade wherever they are in the world, making it ideal for those who travel internationally but who want to stay on top of their trading activity.

How To Get Free VPS Access With Exness

If you’re already an Exness client, you may already qualify for free VPS service. Exness offers VPS at no charge to clients who have USD 500 or more on deposit and at least USD 100 in free margin. With a single VPS, a trader can run three separate MT4 terminal accounts. If they request it, they can also add one multiterminal and one MT5 terminal.

Do bear in mind that you may lose your free VPS if you don’t trade with it. If there are no orders executed for two weeks by the registered account, the trader will receive a warning that VPS access will be revoked in two days if no new order is placed. This is to ensure that bandwidth isn’t taken up by inactive traders.

To claim the VPS, you simply need to  email [email protected] or use live chat to speak with a member of our support team. VPS access will be granted within 5 days of the request being made, although most customers can expect access within 24 hours.


VPS service from Exness allows you to trade round the clock in a fast and stable environment. Claiming your free VPS is easy. Simply connect our support team today to get started!

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