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5 new stocks you should know about

September 27, 2021
BY Paul Reid

When it comes to finding stock trading opportunities every day, having assets that stem from multiple regions can help, and when those stocks are aligned with current and future trends, long-term investing is also worth considering. For this reason, we’ve added five innovative companies to our list of stock instruments that will truly make your portfolio global.

NIO ( NIO Inc)

NIO is a multinational automobile manufacturer based in Shanghai, China. 

  • Listed on NYSE
  • Market cap: 80.8 billion USD

Specializing in electric vehicles, their growth has direct ties to clean energy solutions and is, therefore, an attractive offering in the automotive industry. International distribution issues have negatively affected market sentiment and stock prices in 2021, but the long-term ideology of the company shows promise.

XPEV (Xpeng)

XPeng is an electric vehicle manufacturer based in Guangzhou, China, with offices in the US.  

  • Listed on NYSE
  • Market cap: 27.6 billion USD

Delivering a record 26,000 cars last quarter, the company increased production by 200% which illustrates how electric vehicle (EV) demand continues to gain momentum, despite concerns of global chip shortages.

TME (Tencent Music Entertainment Group)

Tencent is a music streaming service for the Chinese market with several popular music apps, include WeSing. 

  • Not listed on an exchange
  • Market cap: 44 billion USD

Despite having over 800 million active users and 120 million paid subscribers, stock prices have been somewhat volatile and is continuing to drop, which could be an excellent long entry point if a reversal presents in the coming quarter.

LI (Li Auto Inc)

Li Auto Inc is an electric vehicle manufacturer based in Beijing, China.

  • listed on Nasdaq
  • Market Cap: 26.9 billion USD

As with many Chinese companies, regulatory crackdowns have crashed stock prices. But given that the Chinese economy is recovering from the pandemic faster than most, and Europe is slowly reopening channels, this stock deserves a place on your watchlist.

RLX (RLX Technology)

RLX Technology is an e-vapor company based in Beijing, China. 

  • IPO listed in January 2021
  • Market Cap: 6 billion USD

New to the ever-growing e-vapor industry, RLX is focusing on building an offline distribution network, which has resulted in a net revenue increase of 6.0% in Q2 of 2021. External factors such as pending restrictions and negative e-vapor publicity may put a bearish spin on the company’s recent success. Keep an eye out for a short opportunity.

Trading the new stocks

The new additions to our list of stocks can be traded on Standard, Raw Spread, Pro and Zero accounts with 1:20 leverage. Trading sessions are from Monday to Friday, 13:40-19:45 GMT Summer (14:40-20:45 GMT Winter)

For overnight traders, all stocks are swap-free with no roll-over commission.

If you think the rising Chinese economy has long-term potential, then these stocks may have a valuable place in your portfolio.

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